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How To Use Snapchat For Business and Branding

“How do I use Snapchat for business?” It’s the question everyone’s asking. Marketers and entrepreneurs are finally starting to catch on, but there’s still a herd of naysayers who claim that Snapchat simply isn’t worth your time. Of course…there were also herds of naysayers for television, blogging, Facebook, and self-propelled automobiles. Just saying. [bctt tweet=”Snapchat […]

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Rumor Power: Spread Your Message Like Gossip

Have you ever been the subject of a vicious rumor? It probably seemed like the whole world was talking about you, regardless of whether or not they knew you at all…or whether the “facts” they heard were true. A juicy piece of gossip spreads faster than a stomach flu, and it’s definitely more catching. When […]