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The Serious Blogger’s Guide to Blog Monetization

If you type a phrase like “blog monetization” or “how to make money with a blog” in a search engine, you will get millions of results. Some of the advice you find there will be good…. And some of it, not so much. Here’s the thing, though: Your monetization strategy should be your monetization strategy, not a […]


5 Ways to Make Your Blog Content Sparkle

In blogging, everyone starts out the same way: Terrible. Of course, there are different levels of ‘terrible’ at which you can begin, but the fact remains that blogging is a skill. It needs to be practiced and developed before gaining genuine traction. But what happens when your content is better than average? Picture this:

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Make Your Blog Posts Ridiculously Effective: What Is Copywriting?

Why do you write blog posts? What’s the point of your email newsletter? We, as marketers, business owners, and hobbyists all hope to achieve something out of our writing efforts. Whether we’re designing landing pages or drafting a physical letter to send out asking for charity donations, there’s some kind of desired result. Copywriting is the […]