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Blogs Are Competitive – Here’s How To Win at Blogging

Figure out what you're worth and charge appropriate rates

The blogging world is becoming a lot more competitive, and that’s a wonderful thing. In the modern marketplace, the people who win are the people who are raising the bar – mediocre bloggers are either growing, or going away. That’s why we’re not mediocre bloggers. We’re the people who are paying attention, and we’re the […]

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Marketing Secrets: Cause-Based Marketing

Cause-based marketing

There are a lot of marketing secrets out there, and as you develop your own strategy, you might discover that cause-based marketing could be your new secret weapon. This statement could change your financial future forever: Nonprofits and charities aren’t the only organizations that have causes. Entrepreneurs and businesses often do good in their communities, […]

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In Marketing, The Packaging Matters

Today, I stumbled across a marketing lesson that made me take a hard look at my own work habits. I was reminded that we do judge books by their covers. Then we judge them again by their contents. The packaging and the presentation of an idea matter just as much as the idea itself: Your expertise means […]

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Common Copywriting Mistakes that Drive Readers Mad

Copywriting can be the difference between a booming business and a frustrating failure. Good copywriting introduces your brand to potential customers and attracts them to your doorstep (or digital doorstep if your business is web-based) eager to learn more. But poor marketing habits and too many copywriting mistakes can have the opposite effect, driving potential customers […]

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How To Use Snapchat For Business and Branding

“How do I use Snapchat for business?” It’s the question everyone’s asking. Marketers and entrepreneurs are finally starting to catch on, but there’s still a herd of naysayers who claim that Snapchat simply isn’t worth your time. Of course…there were also herds of naysayers for television, blogging, Facebook, and self-propelled automobiles. Just saying. [bctt tweet=”Snapchat […]

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Forums and Facebook Groups – You’re Probably Using Them Wrong

Whether you’re a blogger, a boutique owner, or a consultant, forums and Facebook groups are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. But only if you use them the right way. Smart marketers know that online communities are the perfect place to make new connections and bring in new traffic, but the vast majority have […]