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Break Your Education Addiction and Start Making Money

Make money, stop educating yourself into stupidity

It’s easy to succumb to education addiction when there’s so much neat stuff out there. This is, after all, the information age. Humans have never in history had such fast and convenient access to so much information. Basically, we have unlimited potential. With a little willpower and an internet connection, you can learn almost anything you […]

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Blogs Are Competitive – Here’s How To Win at Blogging

Figure out what you're worth and charge appropriate rates

The blogging world is becoming a lot more competitive, and that’s a wonderful thing. In the modern marketplace, the people who win are the people who are raising the bar – mediocre bloggers are either growing, or going away. That’s why we’re not mediocre bloggers. We’re the people who are paying attention, and we’re the […]

Beginners Business and Entrepreneurship For The Pros

How To Stop Getting Hit On While Networking

If you’re getting hit on while networking for your business, you’re certainly not alone. Business mixers and networking events are often full of flirtatious singles who apparently have boundary issues. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to meet other interested singles with similar interests – the problem occurs when people misrepresent their intentions […]

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Marketing Secrets: Cause-Based Marketing

Cause-based marketing

There are a lot of marketing secrets out there, and as you develop your own strategy, you might discover that cause-based marketing could be your new secret weapon. This statement could change your financial future forever: Nonprofits and charities aren’t the only organizations that have causes. Entrepreneurs and businesses often do good in their communities, […]