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Blogging Marketing

Rumor Power: Spread Your Message Like Gossip

Have you ever been the subject of a vicious rumor? It probably seemed like the whole world was talking about you, regardless of whether or not they knew you at all…or whether the “facts” they heard were true. A juicy piece of gossip spreads faster than a stomach flu, and it’s definitely more catching. When […]

Blogging For The Pros

Professional Blogging: What It Really Takes

Professional blogging sounds like a dream career, and in many ways it is. My daily routine is whatever I make it, and I’ve lived mostly alarm-clock-free for the last year. Working out of my home means that I can wear whatever I want, take off early any time the urge strikes, and nobody else gets […]

Beginners Blogging

So You Want To Start a Blog

Congratulations! Starting your first blog is an exciting step, and you should be proud that you’ve decided to make the commitment. Most people never get past the “idea” phase, so the fact that you’re here reading this post already sets you apart from the average. Before you start shopping web hosts and purchasing domains, though, […]