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Your First 100 Blog Followers

Cause-based marketing

Blog followers don’t happen automatically. It’s a hard truth that we bloggers learn very quickly: Just because you write something, that doesn’t mean anybody is going to read it. Even your friends and family aren’t likely to read your new blog, and you don’t necessarily want them to. As a budding blogger, you probably have […]

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Blogs Are Competitive – Here’s How To Win at Blogging

Figure out what you're worth and charge appropriate rates

The blogging world is becoming a lot more competitive, and that’s a wonderful thing. In the modern marketplace, the people who win are the people who are raising the bar – mediocre bloggers are either growing, or going away. That’s why we’re not mediocre bloggers. We’re the people who are paying attention, and we’re the […]

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In Marketing, The Packaging Matters

Today, I stumbled across a marketing lesson that made me take a hard look at my own work habits. I was reminded that we do judge books by their covers. Then we judge them again by their contents. The packaging and the presentation of an idea matter just as much as the idea itself: Your expertise means […]

Blogging Business and Entrepreneurship

Falling Behind on Your Blogging Schedule?

We’ve all been there. With a ton of ideas and the best of intentions, we finally choose our blogging schedule and get to work. But we’ve got a business to run. There are orders to fulfill, emails to answer, and products to develop. Plus, most bloggers start their online businesses while working full-time for someone […]


Finding Your Niche When You Blog About Yourself

How do you create valuable, readable content when the central idea of your website is to blog about yourself? We all know that focusing on a single, specialized topic is vital for your blog’s success. But can that single topic be, generally, you? Focusing on the right topic is challenging for marketers, authors, real estate professionals, […]