Who Is Kitty Lusby?

Hi, I’m Kitty Lusby. Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, I was an unpopular middle-school girl.

I was the smart kid, the one that didn’t seem to be paying attention in class (because I wasn’t) but always aced the tests. I was also kind of a snobby, know-it-all jerk, so I don’t blame my lack of popularity solely on my intelligence.

kitty lusby, sophomore in high school, at her boyfriend's senior prom
This picture is from high school, but I was still a nerdy jerk

It was the time in my life when girls were beginning to realize that boys aren’t completely gross.

So when my best friend developed a crush on a boy that was, scandalously, 2 years older than us, I came up with an idea.

See, I was always the kid that stayed up all night reading. After I had read and reread everything on my own shelf, I started on my mom’s stash of romance novels.

So, using the knowledge I’d gleaned from books with titles like Midnight Temptation, I offered to write my friend a short story, with her and Mr. 8th Grade Perfect as the stars. Being a fan of fine literature, she eagerly agreed.

That idea turned out to be more popular than anticipated, though.

Word got around, and soon I was flooded with requests for similar stories. Being an enterprising young woman, I offered my services to anyone who could pay a small fee. Business boomed…until the school board found out and told me that I was essentially writing child pornography. It took a couple of tries, but they shut me down.

That’s how my writing career started.

Accidental child porn.

Before you start writing me angry letters, let me assure you that neither I nor any of my readers had any idea what we were talking about, and the most risque things actually got in those stories was some intense kissing. It was really quite innocent, and the school board’s main objection was the fact that I was conducting a business on school grounds.

Now, let’s fast forward.

Eventually, I grew up.

Kitty Lusby
“Grownup” here is a loose term

As a grownup, I tried the “real job” thing for a while and realized that the novelty of a cubicle wears off pretty darn quickly.

Almost everyone in my family is self employed in some way, and like every rebellious (stupid) child, I wanted to do my own thing.

By working for someone else.

Who told me what to do.

Brilliant, right?

After that brief experiment in employment, I realized that I’m not really cut out for the world of office politics and schedules that require you to wake up while the clock still says “AM.”

I decided to return to something I’m passionate about, something that I associate with my early entrepreneurship days – writing.

Someone that I greatly respect suggested that I start a blog, and though I don’t always listen to him…even though he’s usually right about things…I sat down at my computer, pulled up Google, and typed in “how to blog.”

That one Google search changed my life.

The information I found wasn’t actually all that useful. In fact, I think the blogging platform WordPress was the first result, and I just clicked on it and figured it out from there. I don’t remember reading any brilliant insights or even basic tutorials on how to make blogging a career – I just started doing something and figured things out as I went.

From the beginning, I knew that blogging was going to be a big part of my career. However, I didn’t realize that it would BE my career.

I kept learning, not just about blogging, but about copywriting, marketing, business management, and branding, among other things. I’m still learning today, even when blogging is my primary income.

kitty lusby, the trainer and designer behind blogger launchpadAnd that’s the key to all of this. I’m still learning.

Here’s the thing:

There’s a lot of people who would love to be a professional blogger, and they don’t even know what it means. It’s one of the most common questions I hear: How do I do what you’re doing?

There are lots of people teaching the various methods to make money on your blog, too. Most of them teach 1 or 2 techniques, and they work, but they’re probably not going to help you generate sustainable long-term income.

The more I learn, the more I want to share the things I know to help people succeed. When I started rebranding this website to make it more useful to the people who follow me, though, I came across something that shocked me.

We’re thinking too small.

As I wrote my business plan to map out the future of my blogging career, I made a HUGE discovery:

The blogging world is changing.

Kitty Lusby at WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 photo by Glen Zucman
Photo credit Glen Zucman

Based on my market research, the data I gathered forecasts a fundamental shift in the way bloggers are going to make money in the very near future.

Right now, it only takes a little bit of extra effort to make your blog stand out.

People with no skill or knowledge can start a blog for free and start flooding the internet with useless content. There are so many terrible and mediocre blogs out there, and so few really phenomenal ones, that just being a touch above average makes you shine.

But just like what happened with business websites 15 years ago, there are a few people who are really raising the bar and changing the marketplace.

Consumers are starting to expect great content as the norm, and they want to see it on beautifully designed, easy to navigate websites.

All of those bloggers who are just a little better than average have been treated like superstars by the blogging community – I know, because I was one of them.

Unfortunately, all of that attention has done us a disservice.

Being hailed as a blogging hero for that little bit of extra effort encourages us to stop learning and growing. We feel like we’re already on top…AND WE’RE NOT.

If we don’t keep striving to improve and treating our blogs like serious businesses, we’re going to get left in the dust when the few people with more discipline and tenacity raise the bar for the community as a whole.

And that’s why KittyLusby.com is here.

I’m not going to be left behind as the market starts expecting us to be exceptional, and I’m not going to leave you behind, either.

This blog is for people who don’t accept mediocrity.

This blog is for people who aren’t content just being “above average.”

This blog is for people who strive to be the best, who hold themselves to higher standards, and who are going to be major players in their industries.

We’re not going to be the people trying to catch up when the market changes.

We’re the ones who are changing it.

Kitty Lusby sips her coffee at her sticker covered laptop as she blogs and teaches about blogging

10 comments on “Who Is Kitty Lusby?”

  1. Reply

    Like your style.

    1. Reply

      Thanks, I like you too!

  2. Reply

    Really appreciated your talk about “Killer Publicity” posted on WordPress.tv.
    I have to give credit to my blogosphere friend “A pre-published Indie Author” for leading me and I’m sure a few others to view your talk. Good Job!

    1. Reply

      Thanks for leaving me a note like this! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to find that talk, but I’m so glad that there are at least a few people out there finding it useful.

      1. Reply

        Yes…and you were entertaining, which compelled me to watch the whole thing. This is no small feat considering today’s online crowd is full of folks that are as slightly ADD as me. Kudos!

  3. Reply

    Hi Kitty! I met you at a Las Vegas blogging meetup recently, and I just watched your WordCamp video on YouTube. Your talk really struck a chord with me, especially where you talked about building relationships, doing right by others, and making your blog a positive space. Thanks so much for the great insights!

    1. Reply

      Hi, Nadia – I remember you! It was great to meet you and I’m sure I’ll see you at future meetings. Let me know if I can help you out.

      1. Reply

        Thanks Kitty! I look forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime, maybe we can get together for a coffee? I would love to pick your brain about your writing and blogging career.

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    Hi Kitty, Hope all is well. I was on your site to link to my interview with you and refresh a bit of publicity. I can’t believe I have missed this page. It is so funny!

    I’m finishing KimShivler.com which brings together all of my programs including the technology and sales for entrepreneurs and the communications workshops for corporations. That’s what brought me to the site, and I’m so glad it did.

    Wow, child porn. I guess all of the Coming of Age books that were popular when I was in middle and high school would really be in trouble. I know “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” has been banned multiple times, but never heard it cited as porn.

    Thanks for a great read. Let’s catch up, soon.

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