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Life Lessons with an Australian Accent: Introducing Alex King

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Kicking off week 2 of the October Introducing series, I’m totally stoked to introduce you to Alex King.

Alex is a Vegas-based creative expert originally from Australia…but he’ll tell you that himself in the interview below.

Here’s all I need to tell you about Alex King:

He’s pretty much incredible.

I’ve always been impressed by more than just the websites he builds – which are stunning, by the way.

But it’s so much more than that!

From his social media prowess (like mad Instagram skills) to his unbeatable expertise in the self development world, Alex is one of the unsung heroes of the Las Vegas scene.

Alex King’s Latest: Websites for Life Coaches

Fun fact:

If you go to Alex’s new website, Websites for Life Coaches, you can hear his Australian accent. Mo-biles.

Though, he needs to update his video, since he just adopted 2 kittens.

Just saying, Alex.


Okay, so maybe you’re not a life coach.

That’s cool. You don’t have to be.

You’ll still get access to some of Alex King’s wisdom and experience in the following interview.

One of the greatest things I learned from Alex shortly after I met him (around WordCamp Vegas 2015) was this:

If your mission is to share a message with the world, you should be doing that.

Don’t waste time trying to DIY everything.

Respect your own time and skill, and fill in the blanks in your skillset by outsourcing, hiring, and partnering with people who are strong in your areas of weakness.

Lots of smart people waste a lot of money and build up a lot of frustration because they think they have to fly solo.

You don’t.

But rather than repeating all the super smart stuff Alex has told me, read on to hear directly from him.

I strongly encourage you to read the following answers in an Australian accent…

You know, for authenticity.

An Interview with the Tremendous Alex King

You do a lot more than just building websites. What’s your story? How did you decide on this career as a creative expert?

At the end of high school, I was either going to do one of two things:

Grow my hair long and continue performing in restaurants and venues along the north coast of Australia where I grew up…

Photographic evidence of the long-haired hippy phase
Photographic evidence of the long-haired hippy phase

Or move more into the corporate and business world and grow my creative skills there.

I’m glad I pursued the tech side of things, though some days I question my choice.

I was already interested in video production and web design. In my school’s multimedia class, I would create poorly edited stories and short films using a camera that my older brother loaned me money for.

After high school, through an opportunity my mother set up, I found myself in Fiji, training in AV event production at Tony Robbins’ Seminars. Going to my first seminars at age 11 and always having an interest in personal development, it was a real honor to go straight to working with Tony.

Just from being in that environment, I saw a real lack of clarity around how a coach or entrepreneur should really set up their online presence. Simply because I saw so many people asking about it, I taught myself how to create Websites. I was already a “Wix Pro” (SMH) and quickly learned that WordPress was a MUST for creating scalable websites.

I did what most n00bs do at the start, and paid $79 to Elegant Themes for 60+ themes that were confusing to use, and that I would never find a full use for. I also paid $100 for a yearly hosting plan with GoDaddy (SMH again) and thought I would be all set.

I was very fortunate to be around people that “needed this,” and because of my Australian charm and good looks (that’s a joke…chill out) people started wanting to pay me for creative services.

One of the things that has always set me apart from other creatives is that I know a lot about the different areas of creative development that are needed in building a business. I come across as a “jack of all trades,” which (even for me) is a red flag.

When prospects seem cautious about me saying that, I simply tell them to test me. Sure enough, I end up picking up the pieces of other less capable creatives who’ve done work for them in the past – video editors, marketers, web designers, etc. – and this makes me a bit of a “swiss army knife.”

That sounds terribly egotistical, but it’s really been my experience. If you’re a web designer reading this, chances are that you’ve also had to do some REDESIGN work for a client because some other bozo over promised and under delivered.

I have questioned my various skill sets, and thought that maybe I should pick a creative outlet and stick with it. Just be a videographer. Just be a Web Designer. However, I realized there is so much power in being able to do all of those tasks, speak those creative languages, and mentor a team to get a desired outcome. This is where I see my business going – it’s just a matter of finding the right people!

Alex King, hippy mode
Here’s photographic evidence of the long haired hippy phase.

Recently, you became an Active Campaign consultant. What led to that decision?
note: this section contains affiliate links

Email marketing has always been a huge part of my clients’ websites. I’ve jumped between just about every platform out there, and was never really satisfied about the experience. I found that most of the “really good” platforms reinvest more money back into their customer acquisition and marketing than they do into creating a product that people would actually want to stick around for.

One day, I was watching a webinar, and the marketer showed a platform called ActiveCampaign. I tried it out, and was completely hooked.

The Chicago-based company itself has been around since 2004, and up until a couple years ago, it was only an email delivery platform. With it’s recent upgrades, it’s now become a full fledged CRM and Marketing machine.

I love that it’s affordable. (There’s a free trial, then it’s $9/month.)

I love that it’s intuitive.

I love that it’s not built by marketers. It’s built by nerds that are obsessed with creating a great product.

I was reluctant to become a Certified Consultant, simply because of the financial investment (read more here) but I’m so glad I did.

The thought that pushed me to do it was: “I want to grow with this company”.

As a certified consultant, I was really excited to be on the forefront of growth and to be able to see upcoming features.

If you need more flexibility than MailChimp and don’t buy into the BS of some of the larger companies built by marketers, ActiveCampaign is for you.

How do you organize and handle your workload with multiple projects and clients?



That’s a great question.

For task and project management, I use Asana which I highly recommend. I’ve certainly overbooked myself at times, and when it happens, I just try to push through it.

I tend to be pulled in multiple directions and of course, most things are urgent.

I try to keep calm, listen to some music or interviews while I work and knock out all the tasks.

If I do find myself feeling overwhelmed, I’ll itemize out every possible thing I can which refocuses me.

What’s one thing you wish you had known starting out and creating your first websites?

This sounds terrible, but, I honestly wish I had known more about affiliate links. Is that wrong?

The way I built websites at the start isn’t the same as how I build them now. I really did go through lots of different ways of building sites until I found something that works for me.

The main thing I tell creatives, especially when they ask me about software and platforms to use, is this: use whatever you want, as long as you don’t feel restricted by it.

As soon as you hit the roadblock of not being able to create an element on a page or integrate with a certain service, it’s time to explore other options.

It’s only been in the last year that I’ve fully got a grip on the exact plugins I use to hook together different services.

Can we have a sneak peak into the future? What are you working on right now?

Up until a few months ago, I had never launched my own venture. I’ve been thriving behind the scenes with my clients and been completely happy.

I hit a tipping point, though:

I was so sick and tired of seeing good-hearted, well-meaning life coaches get screwed over by unqualified and over confident web designers and marketers. Because of this, I created a Mastermind called Websites for Life Coaches – original, I know.

To be blunt, it’s a support community in which the entrepreneurs never have to wonder which platform they should use, for how they should package their product, or how they should design their site. I’m there as a mentor for people who need an expert opinion along the way – which we all do.

I didn’t want to create “How to Build a Great Website by Alex King” as all the information is out there already. What people need is mentorship, actionable tasks, and execution. Otherwise, they’ll blow money on courses they don’t need, platforms that don’t serve them, and online con artists that say they can do what they need… but can’t deliver.

It’s $99 per month, which includes a private introductory session with me, two live group sessions a month, and access to a Facebook Group.

In the group, I also have a select number of web designers that I screened, talked to, and would actually give business to. They’re people who are great to work with, easy to talk to, and know what a great client needs. Because I can’t be a everyone’s web designer, the people that join the Mastermind get access to my curated list of people that would actually be great to work with.

How do you chill out?

I walk my dog and play Heroes of the Storm.

Alex at WodCamp Vegas

Alex, I’m always excited to get the chance to talk with you, whether I remember to thank you or not. You probably aren’t aware of how much I admire and respect you and your work, because I don’t tell you enough. Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort and allowing me to interview you! You’re amazing.

For readers who would like to get in touch with Alex, you can check out his website at Alex King Creative, join the Mastermind at Websites for Life Coaches, or perhaps check out his recommended CRM, Active Campaign. Of course, you can also leave a comment here, and I’ll try to remember to pass it on, but you’re better off getting in touch with him directly.

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