WordPress, Podcasts, & Community: Introducing Adam Silver

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I’m a fan of the WordPress platform, but not just for its functionality.

One of WordPress’s biggest strengths is the community that’s formed around it, and the people and resources available to us.

Adam Silver is one of the pillars of that WP community.

From the KitchenSinkWP podcast to his direct involvement with WordCamps and local WordPress events, Adam is a guy you should probably know.

Especially if you’re in or near Los Angeles, use WordPress, and like cool people.

Adam Silver’s KitchenSinkWP Podcast

If you haven’t heard his podcast yet, you should click this link and press a play button.

A major strength of the WP community is its diversity, both in the politically correct sense and in the way people actually use WordPress.

When you go to a WordPress event, you’ll find coders, developers, designers, and writers.

You’ll find hobbyists, ambitious newbies, and ultra successful business owners.

You’ll find people who are total tech nerds, and people who don’t know the difference between a keyboard and a motherboard.

It’s a wonderful environment…

But it can also be a little intimidating to new people who don’t know much yet.

That’s where Adam Silver comes in.

Sometimes, WordPress materials can get really intense, advance, and focused, which is magnificent…but not particularly newbie friendly.

Adam’s KitchenSinkWP podcast does something incredible, though.

KitchenSinkWP manages to be approachable, but not boring. It’s not too intimidating for a WordPress beginner, and it’s not too basic for an expert.

I really haven’t quite figured out how he pulls it off.

But it’s awesome.

As a new WP user, you’ll be exposed and introduced to some of the impressive range of potential, and even if you aren’t ready yet, you’ll have a clear idea of what you can do on a WordPress site.

As an expert, you’ll get useful nuggets of tactical WP advice, plus a perspective that’s clear, concise, and straightforward.

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan.

Keep an eye on Adam Silver for new some awesome new projects on the horizon.

He’ll be dropping some serious knowledge, including more WordPress wisdom, entrepreneurship advice, and a sense of humor that should probably be patented.

Because I love you guys, I even get some inside information for you.

Meet Adam Silver:

An Interview with the Illustrious Adam Silver

The KitchenSinkWP podcast is magnificent. For the people that are just hearing about it for the first time, what’s your podcast all about?

Why, thank you for the kind words!

Short answer – it’s about WordPress!

Slightly longer answer – I talk about different things in relation to WordPress with the format being: upcoming events, latest news, then a main topic which varies from how-to’s, product or service reviews, listener Q/A, as well as interviews of a WordPress user (designer, developer, or business owner).

I really like the interview shows as they’re great to get people’s stories and case studies. I wrap it all up with a tip or tool of the week.  My standard shows average 12 minutes, which I’ve gotten loads of positive feedback on.  Interview shows are usually under 30 mins. Short and sweet.

What does your podcasting setup look like? Do you use special podcasting equipment?

Though it can be done (and often is), I don’t record into my computer. Computers freeze, slow down, produce hum, fan noise, etc…. so, I use a XLR microphone (ATR-2100) into a mixer (Mackie) which then goes into an Edirol digital recorder. I also connect my computer (MacBook Pro 15 Retina) to the mixer for the audio out (opening intro music and skype interviews) into the Edirol.  From there I get a WAV file, which I take into Adobe Audition for a light edit.  It’s really not that fancy.

Congratulations on your recent shift to full time self employment! How has that experience been so far?


Well, it’s been a whirlwind to say the least (and 16 days as of this writing…so we’ll see.)  I’ve ideally set things up so that I’ll have some steady work coming in. As I mentioned on my podcast Episode 130, it’s all about having the plan and support system in place before jumping ship. I’m pretty sure my plan is solid but of course plans can change, and I’ll adjust as needed.

You were just the lead organizer for WordCamp Los Angeles, and it was one heck of an incredible event. What kind of work went into pulling that WordCamp together?

The saying “it takes a village” works really well in regards to producing a WordCamp.  To be honest, early on, I didn’t think it was that hard or took too much time, but as the event got closer, I realized how much work was done and hours invested, and not just by me. Luckily, I had a really good team of co-organizers and volunteers that came together and we got it done.  Someone asked me just the other day, “How many hours did I invest” and in speaking to my wife about it, we estimated that I spent 200-250 hours with all the meetings, emails, phone calls, etc.

Also, I still find it really surreal that it (WordCamp) actually happened and that I was the lead-org. I think back to just 5-6 years ago, coming into the WordPress community (as a professional photographer who did some light WordPress client work) to now.

It’s been one heck of a journey, and I love the fact that I have made so many friendships with others in the WordPress community.  I’ve traveled to WordCamps across the country, staying with people I initially met online, and have even gone on vacations with some as well!  Honestly it’s been a great experience and I look forward to learning and sharing something new every day.

Are you taking internet marketing clients right now? If so, what do you look for in a client, and how would someone get in touch with you?

I am open to new client work though I’m also looking to grow my service brand ConciergeWP.com  Recently I’ve been asked about offering retainer packages from clients, so I need to get that setup as well! You ask for it, and I’ll offer it.

Additionally I’ll be doing some more WordPress education/training as I really do enjoy it. I’ve been teaching a WordPress Beginner (101) class at the local adult school for 4 years, but as I’m an “indie” now, I’ll be producing my own classes moving forward.

The clients I’m looking for are those who understand the value that I bring to the table, as I want nothing but the best for them. I like to consider my clients as friends.  Best way to get in touch with me for would be email or phone call.  

Note: You can email Adam at adam@silverliningproducions.net – if you’d like additional contact information, you can get in touch with me and I’ll help you connect.

Adam and family.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely check out Adam’s live training. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and also a lot of fun.

Adam frequently drops knowledge bombs on Twitter @heyadamsilver and you can find his podcast at KitchenSinkWP.com.

And since I have a chance to do this in a public forum:

Adam, thanks for everything you did (and all you continue to do) putting WordPress Los Angeles together. It was an incredible event, and you’re an incredible person. May you have all the success you deserve in your new ventures, and I’m so happy that we’re totally new best friends.

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    So glad to see Adam being recognized! Thank you, Kitty, for sharing Adam’s story.

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      He deserves a lot of credit for his accomplishments, doesn’t he? I feel so honored that he answers my tweets and emails!

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