October Introducing Series

October Introducing Series

/ October 1, 2016

This month, the Introducing Series gives us an incredible opportunity!

On each October weekday, we’ll meet a new blogger, podcaster, or online entrepreneur who can help you grow your business.

These men and women have set aside time in their already packed schedules to share their wisdom and enrich our businesses and lives…

So appreciate them!

Check out their websites, their products, and their projects.

Listen to their podcasts. They wouldn’t be featured here if they weren’t awesome.

Share their interviews and their blog posts on social media – it’s always nice to spread the love, isn’t it?

After all:

the introducing series gives you a chance to sit down and chat with an expert every weekday in OctoberYou don’t often get the chance to sit down and chat with online entrepreneurs like this…and especially not 20 in a month.

This is your chance to see some of the variety and creativity that goes into building an online business.

You’ll also meet some people who have found employment in the world of blogging, online marketing, and WordPress, because not everyone really wants to be a business owner.

It’s going to be a fantastic month!

Just so you know:

The people and companies featured on this blog aren’t my affiliates.

That means that they didn’t pay me to advertise for them, and if you go to their websites or buy anything from them, I’m not going to make any money.

Everyone who is featured on this blog is here for one reason:

They’re awesome, and they’ve got something to say that might help you grow.

While I don’t have any objection to affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, I believe that turning an interview into a commercial takes something away from its credibility.

Yes, I think you should patronize the businesses mentioned in these posts.

But more importantly, you should learn from other people’s knowledge and wisdom, and gain inspiration from other people’s experiences.

And one last thing:

If you or someone you know would like to be featured in the next Introducing Series, you can get in touch with me to talk about it.

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