Month: June 2016

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How To Use Snapchat For Business and Branding

“How do I use Snapchat for business?” It’s the question everyone’s asking. Marketers and entrepreneurs are finally starting to catch on, but there’s still a herd of naysayers who claim that Snapchat simply isn’t worth your time. Of course…there were also herds of naysayers for television, blogging, Facebook, and self-propelled automobiles. Just saying. [bctt tweet=”Snapchat […]


Finding Your Niche When You Blog About Yourself

How do you create valuable, readable content when the central idea of your website is to blog about yourself? We all know that focusing on a single, specialized topic is vital for your blog’s success. But can that single topic be, generally,¬†you? Focusing on the right topic is challenging for marketers, authors, real estate professionals, […]

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Passive Income Rules

If you’ve been following along with the latest blog posts and webinars, you’ve probably been thinking about passive income. As a business owner, perhaps¬†especially as a blog business owner, passive income is one of the keys to your financial freedom…but before you dive headfirst into the next affiliate marketing program that promises huge, easy payouts, […]

Business and Entrepreneurship For The Pros Marketing

Forums and Facebook Groups – You’re Probably Using Them Wrong

Whether you’re a blogger, a boutique owner, or a consultant, forums and Facebook groups are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. But only if you use them the right way. Smart marketers know that online communities are the perfect place to make new connections and bring in new traffic, but the vast majority have […]