Month: August 2014


5 Ways to Make Your Blog Content Sparkle

In blogging, everyone starts out the same way: Terrible. Of course, there are different levels of ‘terrible’ at which you can begin, but the fact remains that blogging is a skill. It needs to be practiced and developed before gaining genuine traction. But what happens when your content is better than average? Picture this:

Business and Entrepreneurship For The Pros

Surviving Self-Employment: Getting It Done

The idea of self-employment appeals to most people. Why wouldn’t it? Choosing your own hours. Being your own boss. Working out of your house, out of a coffee shop, or out of a casino in Vegas (they have free WiFi) whenever the mood strikes. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Blogging Marketing

Should You Hire a Professional Blogger?

You already know that blogging has the power to attract droves of new customers to your business. Now, you’re ready to take the leap into unfamiliar territory to add blogging to your marketing strategy. Or maybe you even have a blog already, but it’s not yielding the kind of results you expected. It might be […]