Month: July 2014

Blogging Marketing

Rumor Power: Spread Your Message Like Gossip

Have you ever been the subject of a vicious rumor? It probably seemed like the whole world was talking about you, regardless of whether or not they knew you at all…or whether the “facts” they heard were true. A juicy piece of gossip spreads faster than a stomach flu, and it’s definitely more catching. When […]

Copywriting Marketing

Make Your Blog Posts Ridiculously Effective: What Is Copywriting?

Why do you write blog posts? What’s the point of your email newsletter? We, as marketers, business owners, and hobbyists all hope to achieve┬ásomething out of our writing efforts. Whether we’re designing landing pages or drafting a physical letter to send out asking for charity donations, there’s some kind of desired result. Copywriting is the […]

Blogging For The Pros

Professional Blogging: What It Really Takes

Professional blogging sounds like a dream career, and in many ways it is. My daily routine is whatever I make it, and I’ve lived mostly alarm-clock-free for the last year. Working out of my home means that I can wear whatever I want, take off early any time the urge strikes, and nobody else gets […]