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Written Communication – Say It Like You Mean It

improve your written communication skills

Whether you’re blogging to express yourself, writing advertising copy, or just trying to get your point across in a business email, written communication skills are pretty much necessary in today’s world. We’ve got an interesting situation in the modern marketplace, though: Much of our communication takes place online, and therefore, much of our communication today […]

Beginners Blogging

Your First 100 Blog Followers

Cause-based marketing

Blog followers don’t happen automatically. It’s a hard truth that we bloggers learn very quickly: Just because you write something, that doesn’t mean anybody is going to read it. Even your friends and family aren’t likely to read your new blog, and you don’t necessarily want them to. As a budding blogger, you probably have […]

Beginners Business and Entrepreneurship For The Pros

Break Your Education Addiction and Start Making Money

Make money, stop educating yourself into stupidity

It’s easy to succumb to education addiction when there’s so much neat stuff out there. This is, after all, the information age. Humans have never in history had such fast and convenient access to so much information. Basically, we have unlimited potential. With a little willpower and an internet connection, you can learn almost anything you […]