Building trust through blogging

Blogging for Businesses: The 3 Pillars of Trust

The practice of building trust through blogging is one of the most underrated marketing tools in a company’s online arsenal.

We all know the cliché:

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Traditional marketing efforts take a lot of investment and a long time to even get where consumers feel they know you, and from there, you’ve still got much more work ahead to begin developing trust.

Blogging is the shortcut. Continue reading “Blogging for Businesses: The 3 Pillars of Trust”

finding your first 100 blog followers is simpler than you think

Your First 100 Blog Followers

Blog followers don’t happen automatically.

It’s a hard truth that we bloggers learn very quickly:

Just because you write something, that doesn’t mean anybody is going to read it.

Even your friends and family aren’t likely to read your new blog, and you don’t necessarily want them to. As a budding blogger, you probably have a long way to go before you’re ready for widespread readership.

Blogging is a skill, and like every other skill in the history of ever, you’re not good – you’re not even proficient – when you first start.

Put effort into building that skill, and you’ll start building your core group of blog followers.

Readership is earned.

Here’s how you earn it: Continue reading “Your First 100 Blog Followers”

kitty at WCLAX photo by Glen Zucman

Break Your Education Addiction and Start Making Money

It’s easy to succumb to education addiction when there’s so much neat stuff out there.

This is, after all, the information age. Humans have never in history had such fast and convenient access to so much information.

Basically, we have unlimited potential.

With a little willpower and an internet connection, you can learn almost anything you want, and still more resources are made available literally every day.

But with that limitless potential, we also have unlimited distractions. Continue reading “Break Your Education Addiction and Start Making Money”

Life Lessons with an Australian Accent: Introducing Alex King

Kicking off week 2 of the October Introducing series, I’m totally stoked to introduce you to Alex King.

Alex is a Vegas-based creative expert originally from Australia…but he’ll tell you that himself in the interview below.

Here’s all I need to tell you about Alex King:

He’s pretty much incredible.

I’ve always been impressed by more than just the websites he builds – which are stunning, by the way.

But it’s so much more than that!

From his social media prowess (like mad Instagram skills) to his unbeatable expertise in the self development world, Alex is one of the unsung heroes of the Las Vegas scene. Continue reading “Life Lessons with an Australian Accent: Introducing Alex King”

Thomas Patrick Levy talks coffee, codebox, crossfit, personal abuse, and more in the Kitty Lusby Introducing series

Coffee, Crossfit, codeBOX: Introducing Thomas Patrick Levy

Rounding out this first week in October, I’m really excited to introduce you to Thomas Patrick Levy.

Thomas is a writer (you can find some of his work on his website as well as a web developer, a crossfitter, and a coffee enthusiast.

If you’re into poetry – come on, everyone loves poetry – you should get yourself a copy of of I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling Alone, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and finish reading this interview while you wait for everything to ship.

Now, let’s talk about online entrepreneurship, shall we? Continue reading “Coffee, Crossfit, codeBOX: Introducing Thomas Patrick Levy”

kim shivler talks teaching, business, and tech for the kitty lusby introducing series

The Evolution of Online Teaching: Introducing Kim Shivler

I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Kim Shivler!

The first time I met Kim, she was speaking to a few hundred people in Las Vegas about how to launch a successful online course.

Since then, I’ve gotten the online education bug myself, and Kim’s materials and advice have been absolutely vital.

No matter what kind of learning management system (LMS) you pick, Kim seems to cover it.

She also talks about the business aspects of online courses, the technical skills required to build them, how to create engaging course content, how to avoid overwhelm…

You know, basically everything you need to know.

Plus, the stuff you didn’t know you need to know. Continue reading “The Evolution of Online Teaching: Introducing Kim Shivler”

kitty lusby introducing series - kenny eliason

Law School to Social Media: Introducing Kenny Eliason

Kenny Eliason is the guy I go to whenever I have a question about SEO…

Or social media.

Or marketing.

Or basically anything else having to do with making large amounts of money online.

He’s one of the guys behind NeONBRAND, a digital marketing agency that, in addition to doing incredible work for their clients, serves as an unbeatable resource for other marketers.

Seriously, you should see their blog. It’s one of the best in the industry.
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kitty lusby's interview with jason tucker

Documenting the WP Culture: Introducing Jason Tucker

Today, we’re talking to Jason Tucker, another WordPress powerhouse and the man behind shows like WPwatercooler, WPblab, and Hallway Track, & lots of other WP coolness.

Jason seems to be everywhere in the WP community sometimes.

He’s online, podcasting and putting out videos.

He’s at WordCamps, interviewing attendees, speaking, and helping.

He’s on social media, tweeting about web development (and Yorkshire Terriers) to thousands of followers.

If you’ve ever thought “Hey, I’d really like to build my own website,” you should be following Jason Tucker. Continue reading “Documenting the WP Culture: Introducing Jason Tucker”

Kitty Lusby Introducing Series - Adam Silver

WordPress, Podcasts, & Community: Introducing Adam Silver

I’m a fan of the WordPress platform, but not just for its functionality.

One of WordPress’s biggest strengths is the community that’s formed around it, and the people and resources available to us.

Adam Silver is one of the pillars of that WP community.

From the KitchenSinkWP podcast to his direct involvement with WordCamps and local WordPress events, Adam is a guy you should probably know.

Especially if you’re in or near Los Angeles, use WordPress, and like cool people. Continue reading “WordPress, Podcasts, & Community: Introducing Adam Silver”

haters gonna hate, deal with your negative feedback

Haters Gonna Hate: How to Deal With Negative Feedback

You know that feeling:

You’ve worked for hours, pouring your heart and soul into this blog post, and when you finally get it published…

Some jerk leaves a nasty comment.

Negative feedback can truly feel like a punch in the stomach.

It’s not all bad, though.

In fact, what looks like a mean comment might turn out to be a golden opportunity for your brand.

It all depends on your mindset and your reaction.

Continue reading “Haters Gonna Hate: How to Deal With Negative Feedback”